What do people have to say about NEXT?

next therapy resident

“NEXT Therapy Solutions has been an AMAZING partner in my community. They are very passionate about trying to reach every resident. The team is easy to work with and super knowledgeable. I am so glad I found them.”

Executive DirectorIL/AL/MC, Jacksonville, FL

“As the Executive Director of a very successful assisted living community, I always knew we had a GREAT product. However, the only missing link was not having on-site physical therapy. Since contracting with NEXT Therapy Solutions just over one year ago, we have seen a tremendous difference in our residents. Our little-used health club is now a hub of activity. Our residents receive physician-ordered therapy right here under the watchful direction of the NEXT Therapy Solutions team. They keep us apprised of progress as well as any areas of concern. Their patient list has increased to the point that the physical therapist is now full time and we also have an occupational therapist part time.

When the coronavirus hit in March 2020, our on-site therapists were instrumental in keeping our residents mobile, often walking with them as we could no longer do formal group activities. They have conducted small group activities for our residents as well. Their willingness to adapt to different resident needs has played a huge role in our residents’ success. Our on-site therapists have been an absolute joy to work with and they have played an instrumental role in our continued success!”

Executive DirectorAL/MC, Louisville, KY
next therapy resident and therapist
next therapy residents being active

“Laura and Kelly have added so much care and convenience to our already loving community. NEXT Therapy Solutions is a perfect name because they have solved so many issues with their approach of building relationships with our residents and helping them ease pain, walk again and grow their strength. Our resident’s bodies are better for having NEXT in our community but their cognition and personalities have improved exponentially. As the activities director, I see the changes in their mood and bodies after just one visit with Laura and team. Adding their team to our community is the best decision we have made in my 8 years here.”

Activities DirectorIL/AL, Lexington, KY

“Our residents L.O.V.E NEXT Therapy Solutions, and so do I! Activities and therapy are the perfect team. Because of them, the residents are more willing and excited to join an activity, whether it be yoga, tai chi, or just a stroll in the garden. Witnessing them completing tasks with more independence and seeing their confidence shine is unbelievable. Aaron and Lisa are the kindest people we have met and always greets you with a warm smile! If you think that you or your loved one would benefit from therapy services, you have found the perfect one!”

Life Enrichment DirectorAL/MC, Tampa, FL
resident participating in crafting activity
next therapy facility

“NEXT Therapy Solutions is the BEST solution….
NEXT Therapy Solutions will always be my first choice.
NEXT Therapy Solutions always provide prompt, dedicated and experienced clinicians.
NEXT Therapy Solutions specialize in solutions.
Our residents are happier, stronger and living longer because of Aaron and Lisa at NEXT Therapy Solutions.”

Director of NursingAL/MC, Tampa, FL

“It is a great comfort knowing NEXT Therapy Solutions is in the building for residents. Each therapist treats our people with kindness and care and we appreciate them. Every community should be so lucky!”

Executive DirectorAL/MC, Tampa, FL
next therapy solutions medical room
next therapy resident

“I absolutely love having NEXT Therapy Solutions as a part of our team and located in our community for daily access for our current residents. As the Sales & Marketing Director, I'm able to showcase to our prospective residents how crucial it is to have the same therapist throughout their journey. Aaron and his team do a phenomenal job at keeping out residents active and motivating them, even on their hardest days. Thank you for all you do!”

I recently moved my grandmother into a NEXT community. She was extremely unmotivated and depressed, and by starting her with NEXT Therapy Solutions, the therapy team has helped to help her come out of her shell and do things she hasn't done at home alone in years, while being safe! Thank you, NEXT Therapy Solutions.”

Director of Community RelationsAL/MC Tampa, FL

“Your staff has allowed our residents to continue therapy and exercises that have helped them maintain their physical wellness when they have been limited in the ability to leave the building and enjoy their families for many months. While we are one of the few Facilities that locked down very early… doing so has allowed us to continue giving our residents some forms of activities which have helped their mental wellbeing tremendously. With that offer of activities and providing a safe environment for movement within the building, you and your team have added a priceless connection to exercises and therapy without which they would have had to move out of the building in the middle of the pandemic bringing further risk to the building of exposure and illness from COVID-19.

Thank you again for your invaluable support to not only residents but the staff. We love you and your team!”

Executive DirectorIL/AL, Lexington, KY
next therapy resident and therapist
patient using Trazer

“I love therapy with NEXT. I look forward to the TRAZER at the end of every session - it helps my balance but is also a lot of fun! I have had therapy before but I never did anything with balance with them, and now with NEXT I do so I’m not as nervous about falling!”

Pat McTiguePatient at AL/MC, Louisville, KY

“Working with NEXT has been a wonderful experience. Abby is always happy at work and always hits the nail on the head with what ails me. She is a good listener and makes the time fly by.”

Helen PeterPatient at AL/MC, Louisville, KY
Next Therapy Solutions patient
Next Therapy Solutions patient

“In July 2019, I fell and broke my leg. After several weeks in the hospital, rehab and home health care, I met Laura of “NEXT Therapy Group”. I liked her right away, we seemed to click. She has been with me through ups and downs for a year. She is a first-class physical therapist, very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease at the very beginning and works with you to make your problems go away. I feel very close to Laura. It’s like talking to one of my granddaughters.”

Katie HillPatient at IL/AL, Lexington, KY

“I am so fortunate to be able to come to a facility within my community that helps me live life to the best of my physical abilities through physical therapy. The personnel are helpful and oh so willing to help us succeed in maintaining our independence. I want to thank NEXT for the opportunity to thank Laura and Kelley for their care and friendship during our sessions and even after as a matter of fact.”

Jodi B.Patient at IL/AL, Lexington, KY
Next Therapy Solutions patient
therapist with patients

“I am so happy to have had the opportunity to take advantage of NEXT Therapy Solutions. It has not only been immensely helpful, but it has been fun thanks to your wonderful staff.”

Virginia PetersonPatient at IL/AL/MC, Jacksonville, FL

“I’ve been using NEXT Therapy Solutions to help my physical condition and mitigate my fall problem that I had prior to coming to this community. The team is excellent, knowledgeable, and they find the find the right treatment. Therapy with NEXT is paramount to their success.”

Carl PetersonPatient at IL/AL/MC, Jacksonville, FL

“My facility is very fortunate to have one of its hardest working aspects of the community and its therapy department - in particular is the director Laura. The difference is in the relationship built between the staff and residents where they look at us as complete human beings and not just patients.”

Dr. Clint CollinsPatient at IL/AL, Lexington, KY
patient in therapy
Laura Brock

“I have worked for NEXT for nearly 2 years. Prior to that, I had been working for the same employer for 14 years. When NEXT offered me a position, I wasn’t looking for a new job. I was happy where I was working. However, there was something about NEXT that spoke to me. From the moment I met them, I felt as though they were looking at me as an individual and not as just another therapist to staff a clinic – I immediately felt valued. NEXT saw a leadership potential in me and almost immediately put me on a pathway to learn how to be an effective leader. They offered me the opportunity to operate my clinic in the way I have always wanted – with a “patient first” and “go above and beyond” environment. Ours is a company that empowers not only its patients but its employees. Where other companies talk about productivity, NEXT talks about being passionate and truly making a difference in the lives of our patients.

Our leadership calls are forward thinking – “what makes us different” and “how can we be better” not just for our patients but for the employees as well. Our owners know our staff on a first name basis, they seek our input and value each of us as individuals. I have worked harder than I ever have in my career – not because they demand it but because they have truly taken a job and made it into a labor of love.”

Laura BrockPhysical Therapist at IL/AL, Lexington, KY

“I have been a clinic director at NEXT Therapy Solutions for almost a year now. During that time, I have felt the support of our team encourage when I have stumbled and shared in the joy of my successes.

I came to NEXT for an opportunity to learn how to be a leader of other professionals and to sharpen my skills both in the practice and the business of therapy. The business model that they have developed is unique, challenging and extremely rewarding. The leadership within the company is unbelievably supportive. They empower you with the tools and guidance to not only be individually successful, but to help your colleagues and patients attain their own goals along the way. I am so happy I chose to become apart of the family at NEXT Therapy Solutions and am excited about the road ahead!”

Aaron SchmidtClinic Director at AL/MC, Tampa, FL
therapist with patient
Richard Lisson

“NEXT Therapy Solutions allows a clinician to provide a continuum of care within the service framework of both home health and outpatient therapy. The opportunity to serve the residents directly within the assistive living facility truly offers a means to aide in both activities of daily living (ADL) and community rehab (IADL’s). I believe this is an ideal setting for Occupational Therapists to work.”

Robert LissonOccupational Therapist at Tallahassee, FL

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