About NEXT

About NEXT

Our Mission

We Empower People to Achieve Results

“We empower people to achieve results” is not simply a tagline or mission statement destined for wall art or the cover page of a policy and procedure manual. It is the overarching principle that guides every interaction at every level of our company.

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We exist to provide a solution for seniors that works

In the past, seniors had three options for therapy – home health therapy, outpatient therapy where they would have to drive to their appointments or wait until they declined enough to move to a long term care facility to receive therapy.

With NEXT, we offer a therapy environment with all the technology and equipment of an outpatient facility within their community to prevent or slow the decline. Our therapists specialize in senior care with the primary goal being to help seniors age in place and to live their best life.

We offer a link to their past selves offering solutions to the question “what could you do before that you want to be able to do now?” We exist to offer solutions and suggestions outside the box to give patients additional options before having to move to the next level of care.

We do not adhere to ageism

We see each patient having the potential to do the things most important to them. We create connections becoming truly invested in the entire person treating them through the power of touch – the touch of friendship, care, concern and combine it with knowledge, skill and expertise thus allowing our patients to exceed even their own expectations

We hire the best to provide the best

We hire Therapists who have extensive skill and experience as well as passion for what they do. Our work is a labor of love and we provide multifocal interventions designed to treat the whole patient – mind, body and spirit.

We utilize the technology of Trazer

We combine Trazer with some of the most advanced programs/certifications including LSVT Big, Parkinson’s Wellness and Recovery (PRW!), Geriatric Speciality Certification to name just a few.

How do we help the aging community?

NEXT Therapy Solutions provides a comprehensive treatment plan that includes engaging methods of Therapy and Technology focused on the unique needs of the senior population. The U.S. Population of 65+ is expected to nearly double by the year 2060. Every 11 seconds, a senior is treated in the emergency room for a fall. Falls, with or without injury, carry a heavy quality of life impact. The fear of falling can result in seniors limiting their actives and social engagements. We empower the senior community to age in place.


of the US Population is currently 65+


of the US Population is projected to be 65+ by 2060


Million of the US Population are currently 65+


Million are expected to be 65+ by 2060

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